Selling your house? Beautify your Garage

Renovate your garage

It used to be said that if you wanted to sell your house quicker, you should renovate the kitchen or the bathrooms. That still holds true but now men have more to say when it comes to choosing a house and most men say they want a man cave.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your house to make it easier to sell, look no further than the garage.

Now that men have realized the potential of their lowly garage, they want a space that’s a retreat, games room, workshop, and jam room – with room to store the family car.

If your garage improvement strategy is to make your home more attractive to male buyers it’s best to keep it simple. Do what’s necessary to make the garage awesome but remember that the new owner will probably have their own ideas about how they want it to look and your efforts and money could be wasted.

Here are some areas that you can improve in your garage to make your house easier to sell:

Flooring – dirty, oil stained, and cracked concrete is the first thing people will notice when they venture into your garage. Sprucing up the floors can be as simple and inexpensive as a coat of garage floor paint. Other options are beautiful epoxy coatings or plastic floor tiles that can easily be installed and lifted up later.

Wiring – older garages often have one or two outlets in awkward places. Add more plugs for all of the electronic gear that someone will want to install in their man cave. While you’re at it, add ethernet and cable connections, and speaker wiring for home theaters.

Walls – if your garage has exposed studs, have drywall installed and paint it a neutral colour. If there’s already drywall, patch holes and give the walls a coat of paint.

Storage – a lot of people literally cram their garage floor to ceiling with junk. Clear it out or stash it in cabinets designed for garage use. You might be surprised by how nice garage cabinets have become. In fact, you could use them in any room in your house.

If you want to turn your garage into the ultimate man cave or make your house easier to sell, contact Perfect Fit Garages in Calgary today for beautiful garage improvement solutions.

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