Pros and Cons of Garage Floor Epoxy


Are you thinking about refinishing the floor of your garage to create a more welcoming environment that will allow you to use your garage for purposes other than simply the storage of vehicles, tools, and family toys?

At Perfect Fit Garages, we believe that garage organization is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to the overall organization of your entire home. A disorganized garage space can hinder your ability to find things when you need them.

In some senses, a disorganized garage is also an incredible waste of useful space in your home. Organizing your garage in a more efficient manner can help to open the area up to friends and guest when you’re hosting a larger gathering or are simply hanging out with the buddies on a Sunday afternoon.

When it comes to organizing your garage, one of the first things you should think about is whether or not you need to replace your existing garage floor. Most garages are simple slabs of concrete finished with a variety of different solutions.

One of these solutions is garage floor epoxy, which creates a very enticing appearance when it is properly applied. However, as with most things in life, there are positives and negatives to refinishing your garage surface using floor epoxy.

Below, we highlight a few of the major pros and cons of refinishing your garage with floor epoxy:


Any garage that sees frequent use and relatively high levels of traffic can benefit from being refinished using floor epoxy. Epoxy is easy for the owner to clean and maintain, and the bright, professional appearance can spice up even the blandest garage floor.

Because epoxy creates a smooth, even surface when it is applied correctly, it will make you garage much easier to sweep and otherwise maintain. Epoxy finishes are also resistant to oil and other fluids, and they come in a wide variety of colors and designs, allowing you to exercise your own creativity for interior design.

Over the years, much advancement has been made in the manufacturing and application methods for floor epoxy. These advancements have made floor epoxy easier for the average homeowner to apply in a minimal amount of time using average household tools.


While garage floor epoxy creates a great looking finish for your floor, the cost and preparation required to apply floor epoxy properly may not be feasible for some homeowners. Once an epoxy finish is applied, it can be incredibly costly and labor-intensive to change colors or designs.

One drawback of refinishing your garage with floor epoxy is that is really requires extensive preparation to make your garage floor ready for the epoxy to be applied. In order to apply epoxy correctly, your garage floor must be completely free of all grease, oil, and other solvents.

Often, this necessitates that the homeowner buy special cleaning acids to ensure that the epoxy will stick, which drives up the cost of the refinishing process. While epoxy paint is quite durable, it is not permanent, which means you will have to complete the process over again in the future.

To learn more about creative garage storage ideas, give the professional organization experts at Perfect Fit Garages a call today!


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