Planning your Dream Garage

Dream Garage

Garages have traditionally been used to provide a home for the family car and storage space for all of the junk that spilled over from inside the house. Not anymore. Garage storage solutions from Perfect Fit Garages in Calgary can turn your garage into an extension of your home – a functional and funky space perfect for storage, hobbies, socializing, relaxing, and working.

If you’ve been shopping for garage storage solutions have you been overwhelmed by the array of options that are available to you? You won’t be (or at least you’ll be less overwhelmed) if you start with a plan. When you make the decision to transform your garage into a living area, the first thing you need to do is sit down and identify your needs now and for the future. If you want to turn your garage into a games room, home office, home theater, grotto, or recording studio, your needs will be different for each application. More than likely, your garage will be a multi-use area with storage for the car, tools and yard equipment, and a work space with a desk or a workbench.

Draw a scale floor plan and divide it up into specialized zones or work areas. For example, one area might be designated for tool storage. The tool storage area might be further divided into areas for in season and out of season tools. If you have a pool, you might have a section of the garage set aside for pool equipment. Don’t forget to include the walls and ceiling in your plans.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do or store in your garage, you can begin to shop for the storage solutions you need for each of your zones. Perfect Fit Garages offers a wide range of storage options in a variety of materials including shelving, pegboards, cabinets, tabletops and workbenches, and floor coverings.

If you want to turn your garage into one of your favourite places in your home, visit Perfect Fit Garages, the cabinet makers Calgary residents turn to for all of their dream garage improvement projects.

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