Organizing Your Garage Before The Winter Months


As winter rapidly approaches, you might be thinking of putting together a list of essential winter preparation tasks. Depending on where you live, winter’s can be incredibly harsh on your home and you should be aware of how you can prepare for the changes in weather and temperature.

In addition to your home, you should know that your entire property could take a beating from nature’s fury during the winter months. If you’ve been parking your car outside all summer, it might be time to think about moving it into your garage. That is, if you have the space to do so.

If you’re like most people, your garage can easily become a “catch-all” for the random materials, recreational equipment, tools, and other accessories that you don’t have a place for in other areas of your home.

This unorganized mess makes it hard for you to find things that you need easily when you need them, and could prevent you from keeping your car protected during the winter. While taking the time to organize your garage might seem like a daunting task, if planned properly, it can be done quite easily in three simple phases:

Phase 1: Planning 

Start by scheduling a day and time to tackle the organization of your garage. Make sure to set aside an entire day. Even when you’re at your best at minimizing distractions, it will most likely take longer than you expect.

Give your garage a once-over to envision how you’d ideally like it to function once it’s reorganized. This will help you make a plan for everything so that, once your finished reorganizing, everything has its’ well-designed place. 

Phase 2: Action 

Start sorting your things into categories beginning in one corner and working your way around your garage in a clockwise direction. Five simple categories are: keep, donate, recycle, relocate, and trash. If you really want to clear space you’ll have to get serious and only keep items that are absolutely essential.

Once you’ve sorted your entire garage, leaving no stone left unturned, start filling appropriately labeled trash bags with the various piles that you’ve created. You can then move those trash bags to their respective locations.

Bags that are designated to be donated can be placed in the back of your car to be dropped off at your preferred thrift store. Bags that have been labeled as trash can be moved to your trash area, or to the curb if you plan your garage clean out on the day before trash day.

All the items that you’ve labeled to be relocated can be moved to their respective places next, and items that are set to be recycled can be placed in their respective bin as well. Now it’s time to sort your “keep” items into bins that are labeled to reflect their newly organized content. You can sort your “keep” items into categories like toys, sports equipment, auto care, garden tools, and seasonal items. 

Phase 3: Maintenance 

Once you’ve gone through the work to get your garage organized, you must make sure to maintain that organization. Fortunately, most of the hard work is behind you, and you can keep your garage looking like you want it to by simply putting everything back in its’ place after each use.


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