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Not long ago, when it came to sprucing up garage flooring, you had two options – sweeping up bare, dirty concrete, or grey paint. These days more and more people expect their garage to be part workshop and part rec room, with space to store a vehicle or two. Flooring can go a long way to turn a garage into an honest to goodness living area that you’ll enjoy spending your free time in.

When you start to think about floor finishes or coverings, you need to consider how you will be using your garage. If you’re going to be repairing and servicing your vehicles, your flooring needs will be much different than if you just want a nice place to display your pride and joy. Axle stands, automotive fluids, and dropped tools will make mincemeat out of some finishes so think about how it will be used before you shell out the money for a new floor.

There are two main types of garage floors – coatings and coverings. The most basic type of coating is good old latex garage floor paint. It’s cheap, easy to apply, and it will do a lot to rejuvenate a tired looking concrete floor. It’s best for light use because it scratches and chips fairly easily. Floor paint also has a tendency to stick to hot tires.

Epoxy finishes are liquid plastic. Epoxy floors are beautiful and can stand up to anything a car enthusiast can throw at them. They’re available in a variety of colours and inclusions like metal flake or bits of plastic can be mixed in. Some epoxies are water based but most contain heavy duty solvents that take a long time to cure.

Polyurethane is the ultimate garage floor coating and is excellent for floors that will see a lot of heavy use. Applying polyurethane is a lot more involved and time consuming than other coatings.

The fastest growing segment of the garage flooring market are coverings – modular plastic tiles, laminates, and ceramic or natural stone tiles.

It’s easy for do-it-yourselfers to achieve professional looking results with modular plastic tiles. They can be cut to fit and are very durable. If you want your garage to look like the inside of an auto dealer’s showroom, lay down ceramic tiles. Ceramic floors are beautiful, but they won’t stand up to workshop duty.

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