Four Garage Wall Storage Solutions

Four Garage Wall Storage Solutions - Perfect Fit Garages - Calgary Custom Cabinetry

The garage makeover is becoming increasingly popular. The garage is no longer looked at as simply a storage space. More and more homeowners are investing in garage storage solutions that will give them more space and allow for more activities to take place in their garage.

Many of these innovative garage storage systems originated in commercial kitchens and retail establishments. Nevertheless, there is no questioning their benefits when it comes to creating function and attractive garage storage systems.

If you’re thinking about organizing your garage to create a more useful and visually appealing area, you’ve got to decide where to get started. At Perfect Fit Garages, we like to keep our customers informed on the latest garage storage and organization solutions. Here are five useful wall storage solutions that can help free up some recreation space in your garage:

Metal Standards and Brackets

While most people might not consider this solution as a formal wall storage system, it can be an extremely cost-effective shelving alternative. Whether your garage walls are finished or unfinished, you’ll have to find studs to secure the standards and brackets properly. This will allow you to create shelves that will meet your specific needs. You can hang them as high or low on the wall as you’d like, and you can make them as wide as you need them to be.


This inexpensive, ready-made surface, also known as perforated hardboard, can be found at your local home center or lumberyard. It provides an easy to install surface to attach a wide variety of storage hooks, racks, shelves, cords, and other accessories.

You’ll need to attach the pegboard directly to studs in your garage wall, but once it’s secure, you’ll have a number of wall storage options at your disposal. If you’re planning on hanging lighter items, 1/8-inch pegboard will suffice. For heavier items, you might want to upgrade to ¼-inch thick pegboard. Once it’s hung, you can adjust hooks, racks, and shelves easily, based on your immediate needs.

Wall Tracks

Typical wall tracks are made from metal rails that are then attached horizontally to studs in your garage walls. If you’re concerned about the tracks being an eyesore, some companies offer products that come with a decorative plastic piece designed to hide the rail itself. Most companies offer rails in the lengths of 48, 56, and 84 inches. When the rail is in place, you’ll be able to hang hooks, baskets, and other holders on the wall very conveniently.

Wire Grids

The wire grid is another great wall storage alternative to the pegboard or wall track. They are quite easy to find, install, and use. Panels are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 2 x 4 to 4 x 6. If you’ve got a larger area to cover, you can easily place multiple panels together to cover the whole wall. Most wire grids attach to your garage wall using clips and spacers. Once it’s in place, the wire grid is a great place to hang hooks, baskets, shelf brackets, and anything else you can think of.

If you’re looking for more advice on your garage storage and organization solution, the professionals at Perfect Fit Garages are ready to help you. Please visit us online or give us a call today at 1-587-230-6860! 


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