Don’t wait for National Clean out your Garage Day to organize your Garage


Did you know that there’s a National Clean out Your Garage Day? There is and it’s on the first Saturday after Labour Day. September is still a long way off and spring is a great time to clean out and organize your garage, and turn it into the ultimate man cave, or at least a much tidier spot than it is now.

The garage usually ends up being a catch-all area for yard tools, moving boxes, and sporting goods – things we don’t want cluttering up the house. Unless you’re super diligent or have extremely well trained kids, stuff usually ends up getting piled up in the corners. So much stuff in fact, that you might not even know what you have.

The first step in a garage beautification project is to take everything out so you can see what’s there. Organize it into piles of similar or related items, for example, winter sports equipment, summer sports equipment, and yard tools. Next, go through the piles and pick out the stuff that’s broken or dangerous and get rid of it. Next, take the items that are still usable but you don’t need or use anymore and donate them to charity. If you don’t mind spending a Saturday morning holding a garage sale, you can try to sell all of the leftovers to raise some money to buy storage units (or donuts).

Now the fun part begins. Once you’ve gotten rid of all of the things that you no longer need, you can start to think about how you will organize your garage and the types of storage solutions that you will need.

Garage cabinets are a great place for storing the things that you don’t want in plain view – sharp yard tools, cleaning supplies, and things like pesticides. The ceiling is a great place to store things that you don’t use on a regular basis – canoes and kayaks, wind surfers, camping gear and luggage.

Of course, if your garage is less about storage and more about creating a luxury retreat there are many creative, functional, and beautiful options available to you as well.

Whether you want to simply organize your garage or turn it into a comfortable and beautiful extension of the interior of your home, Perfect Fit Garages in Calgary can provide the design expertise and storage solutions to make it happen.


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