Design a Garage that Reflects your Personality

Design a Garage that Reflects your Personality - Perfect Fit Canada - Garage Solutions Calgary

Are you making use of your valuable garage space? Do you look at your garage as a place to just toss those items that don’t have a proper place in another area of your home? If so, you’re failing to realize the value of your garage space and the benefits it can bring to your home!

When seeking to maximize your garage space, you must also consider what you want your garage to look like, and how it will function to meet your needs and preferences. In short, you should do your best to design a garage space that’s reflective of your unique personality.

Your home’s design should be much more than a simple combination of colors and textures. If you have the freedom and discretionary income to make changes to your garage space, don’t compromise on the details that set your garage apart from the rest of your neighbors.

When trying to design a garage that reflects your personality, you should start by honing in on your individual design style. If you’re tackling a garage remodel project, become familiar with these design personalities and tips on how to stay true to your style:

The Entertainer 

This person loves to be surrounded by friends and family at every chance possible. Regardless of the occasion, your ability to host an entertaining gathering is second to none amongst your friends. For you, it’s important to fill your home with people and memories.

If this sounds like you, consider remodeling your garage as a gathering space for your next big party. A mini bar, pool table, and entertainment center are just a few of the many items that can help you turn your garage into an entertaining gathering space. 

The Foodie 

As the name suggests, food is very important to this personality type. Whether you’re dying to travel to Alba to taste a traditional Italian truffle or your copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking is coming apart at the seams, you probably qualify as a foodie.

If you have friends that also fit this personality type, you might like to have them over to enjoy authentic, home-cooked cuisine. Converting your unused garage to a secondary food prep or cooking space can help you host an exceptional dining experience. 

The Hobbyist 

The hobbyist typically finds it difficult to sit still on a normal weekend afternoon. If you’re constantly tinkering with a variety of home improvement projects, you most likely fit this personality type. Your idea of home is a place where you have the freedom to create the next great American novel, a fine heirloom quilt, or your own homemade microbrew.

If you’re a hobbyist, you should surely have the space you need to exercise your creative freedom. Clearing space in your garage to set up a workbench, organize your tools, and store your creations safely will ultimately create space for you to express your artistic spirit.

If your garage is largely going unused, you should consider giving the space a significant upgrade today. If you’re looking for advice or assistance with garage storage solutions, be sure to give the experienced team at Perfect Fit Garages a call at 1-587-230-8120 today!


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