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Calgary Garage Floor Finishings

If you are looking for a Calgary garage floor finishings that can transform your space from dull to spectacular, then look no further than Perfect Fit. We dress up your space with decorative flooring options and cabinet solutions to get you the ultimate garage!

Our garage floor finishings are stain-resistant, non-slip, and more attractive than plain concrete. The most popular selection is our decorative flake flooring, which offers the benefits of visual appeal as well as longevity. This, and various other floor coatings, improve both the appearance and the life of your garage floor.

Why should your garage not get the same attention as the rest of your home?
Why can’t it be an efficient space for the entire family?

So, let us make your maintenance process easier on those pesky oil spills, tire debris, floor cracks and give that not-so-attractive concrete a face lift!

Perfect Fit Garages also does: basements, patios, warehouses, retail stores, day care centres, dealerships, showrooms, restaurants, recreation areas, industrial & commercial spaces. For more information on what Perfect Fit can for your commercial space, click here!

We use the best products available on the market – which have all been tested in Canada’s worst temperatures. To be honest, it’s not just the product that makes our flooring Perfect – other than our Professional Garage Specialists, we use state-of-the-art equipment like Diamond grinding and HEPA Vacuums to control dust and reduce odour.

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