Building the Ultimate Man Cave in Calgary

Luxury Garage

Man caves are all the rage these days and every guy either has one or wishes that he had one. The latest trend in man caves is the garage lounge that converts one of the most utilitarian spaces in your house into an ultra-luxurious retreat. Your garage could end up being the most popular room in your house.

A few short years ago, storage solutions designed for garages looked like they belonged in, let’s be honest, a garage. They were better than shelves nailed together from left over 2×4’s and plywood but they probably weren’t going to win any design awards. Not so much anymore. Many companies now design and manufacture cabinets and other storage products for garages that wouldn’t look out of place in any other room in the house.

High quality and beautiful garage cabinets have made it possible for many people to take their garage reclamation projects to the next level – to build the ultimate man cave – aka, the garage lounge.

Start with flooring. There are a variety of coatings and coverings available to convert drab, oil stained concrete into a functional, durable and beautiful surface that will give even your most manly buddies floor envy. Yet, they’ll stand up to the rigors of storing and servicing cars – hot sticky tires, dropped tools, and automobile fluids.

Next, install a work bench that does double duty as a bar. Benches are available that incorporate wet bars, custom wine storage, and a keg fridge – even a humidor – while still providing a work space for cleaning a carburetor. Many work benches have pull out sections that increase the work area, but can be tucked away when no longer needed.

Conceal a flat screen TV behind sliding barn doors and display auto memorabilia and art on shelves lit up with concealed LED lighting. Want a garage that looks like the pits at an F1 race? You can do that.

These days it’s easier and more practical than ever before to convent a garage into a truly stunning masterpiece of interior design that also provides a warm and clean space to store and service your car.

For products and design tips that can turn your garage into the ultimate man cave, contact Perfect Fit Canada in Calgary.

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