Organizing Your Garage Before The Winter Months


As winter rapidly approaches, you might be thinking of putting together a list of essential winter preparation tasks. Depending on where you live, winter’s can be incredibly harsh on your home and you should be aware of how you can prepare for the changes in weather and temperature. In addition to your home, you should
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Pros and Cons of Garage Floor Epoxy


Are you thinking about refinishing the floor of your garage to create a more welcoming environment that will allow you to use your garage for purposes other than simply the storage of vehicles, tools, and family toys? At Perfect Fit Garages, we believe that garage organization is one of the most overlooked aspects when it
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Four Garage Wall Storage Solutions

Four Garage Wall Storage Solutions - Perfect Fit Garages - Calgary Custom Cabinetry

The garage makeover is becoming increasingly popular. The garage is no longer looked at as simply a storage space. More and more homeowners are investing in garage storage solutions that will give them more space and allow for more activities to take place in their garage. Many of these innovative garage storage systems originated in
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Benefits of a Well-Organized Garage

Benefits of a Well-Organized Garage - Perfect Fit Garages - Custom Garages Calgary

How’s your garage looking these days? Are you having trouble walking around the car or finding what you need? Is the clutter starting to affect your ability to operate smoothly and efficiently throughout your everyday life? If so, you should already be considering ways that you can organize your garage so that everything is exactly
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Benefits of Overhead Storage

Benefits of Overhead Storage - Perfect Fit Garages - Custom Cabinets Calgary

Many people utilize their garages primarily for the purpose of storing excess items and possessions that might not necessarily have a place elsewhere in their home. Skis, bicycles, golf clubs, and many other recreational items find their home in most people’s garages. However, if you also need to park your car in the garage, or
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Move Your Car Out and Turn Your Garage Into a Summer Fun Hotspot

Move Your Car Out and Turn Your Garage Into a Summer Fun Hotspot - Perfect Fit Garages - Calgary Custom Cabinetry

Throughout the winter months, we must keep our cars in the garage in order to keep them warm for our morning commutes to work. Nobody enjoys clearing snow and hopping into a freezing car at seven in the morning. However, as spring moves into summer, it becomes more reasonable for you to leave your car
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Planning your Dream Garage

Dream Garage

Garages have traditionally been used to provide a home for the family car and storage space for all of the junk that spilled over from inside the house. Not anymore. Garage storage solutions from Perfect Fit Garages in Calgary can turn your garage into an extension of your home – a functional and funky space
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Selling your house? Beautify your Garage

Renovate your garage

It used to be said that if you wanted to sell your house quicker, you should renovate the kitchen or the bathrooms. That still holds true but now men have more to say when it comes to choosing a house and most men say they want a man cave. If you’re looking for ways to
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